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Fingerprint Lock - Tradition workmanship with Modern Technology



Production Introduction


Materials:  Front Panel, Stainless Steel; Back Panel, Stainless Steel

Colour: Golden, Sliver





1.    Channel lock function

2.    Motor structure is fully consistent with mechanical lock industry standards

3.    Locking function of pulling up handles on both sides of the door

4.    Automatic temperature detection

5.    RFID card can be easily deleted and added

6.    9V external battery power supply in need of an emergency

7.    Standard capacity of 100 fingerprints, 600 records

8.    Centre distance 70mm European standards (in line with Chinas national conditions)

9.    Good confidentiality, cost-effective, nice workmanship, modular design, security experts, wide range of usages, multi-functional


Used in


Villas, houses, apartment, security for companies, wooden door, steel doors, etc.