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Ultra-thin Design and Multiple Backups

Product Introduction


Materials: Front Panel, Stainless Steel; Back Panel, Stainless Steel

Colour: Gold, Electrophoresis Black, Rose Gold





1.   Unique large touch screen, sensitive responsive, easy to operate, recognition of wicked decode

2.    Various unlocking methods

3.    Unique indoor escape settings

4.    Keyhole protection devices which prevent it from being unlocked by technological means

5.    Panels, handles and Outer cover is made from stainless steel plate processing molding

6.    Different accessories match locks with three-way linkage, which meets the standard for security door locks

7.   RFID cards can easily be deleted and added

8.   Centre distance 70mm, in accordance with European Standards

9.   Strengthening emergency power interface, avoid pressure malicious impact

10. Easy installation, various unlocking ways, high integration, good stability, damage resistance, Multi-functional, cost-effective



Used in:

Villas, houses, apartments, hotels, security for companies, wooden door, steel doors, non-standard doors, etc.