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Easy Operation


Materials: Front Panel, Zinc alloy, Back Panel, Zinc Alloy

Colour: Brushed stainless steel, Silver, Electrophoresis Black



1.       Knob locked function reduction gear

2.       Motor structure, fully consistent with mechanical lock industry standards

3.       Applying to electronic security door lock, tongue lock structure

4.       Locking function of pulling up handles on both sides

5.      Top, bottom and side locks, installation dimensions meet the standard for security doors

6.       RFID cards can be easily deleted and added

7.       Centre distance 70mm, in accordance with European Standards

8.     Easy installation, various unlocking ways, high integration, good stability, damage resistance, Multi-functional, cost-effective


Used in:

Villas, houses, apartments, hotels, security for companies, wooden door, steel doors, non-standard doors, etc.