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WG-HN series HD embedded video recorder is researched and developed by our company, which combines the function of DVR and NVR. Adopting embedded operating system, audio and video code, file system and storage management, network transmission and other advanced technology, which can be used either as an embedded DVR as a video surveillance system of control center, also can be connected to form a powerful security prevention system. This Device can support access of analog cameras and network cameras and support 1080P high definition preview. Meanwhile, we supply full channel audio interface. The device possesses rich Internet application protocol and it can support multiple network mode, which can realize the HD video monitoring and storage. It is mainly used in video surveillance, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, retail shops, education and other fields. And it provides the solution to the video surveillance with high availability, reliability, and network storage solutions for large-scale environmental monitoring center. Support TV, VGA output simultaneously.




  • Support access of  HD network  camera and  1080P HD preview
  • Meet  the requirement of ONVIF 2.2, which can support many brands of IP cameras,
  • Optional  for hybrid  mode and NVR mode, support HD and standard definition webcam access,
  • Support access of D1, 720P or 1080P IP Cameras, that can realize high definition real-time surveillance and recording.
  • Outstanding disk management technology, hard drive capacity is unlimited; Support disk redundancy technology, which can support up to 64 TB of external disk array device.
  • Adopts the embedded Linux operating system and the proprietary file system with database, hence more rapid and exact query and retrieval, and more safe data.