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Materials: Front Panel, Zinc alloy; Back Panel, Engineered Plastics

Colour: Brushed stainless steel, Silver


Product Features:

1.    E-keyhole that can prevent it from being unlocked by technological means.

2.    Mechanical lock cylinder in case of an emergency, security alarm linkage

3.    Unlocking with remote control, setting up security defense, removing security defense.

4.    Anti-thief with automatic telephone alarm

5.    Patented technology featuring a low voltage alert and new motor drive for external power connector

6.    Top, bottom and side locks, installation dimensions meet the standard for security doors

7.    One user card can be deleted individually, without affecting the others

8.    Easy installation, various unlocking ways, high integration, good stability, damage resistance, Multi-functional, cost-effective


Used in:

Villas, houses, apartments, hotels, security for companies, wooden door, steel doors.