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Mid-Autumn Festival Activities


                                                                       Mid-Autumn Festival Activities

    On 18th Sept., 2013, Our Company, Shenzhen Sino-Mos electronic Co. Ltd., organized an outdoor activities for the Mid-Autumn Festival at Yangmeikeng seashore and Xichong beach. Our colleagues actively participated in activities. This event is designed to make us feel the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival in a pleasant holiday through these outdoor activities.

(Parts of our colleagues)

       At10:00am, with a sense of excitement and curiosity, we set foot on the way to the coast of Yangmeikeng. We reached our destination with laughter and joy. By noontime, 12:30, arranged in the Seafood Street for lunch.  In the afternoon, from 2:00 to 4:00, at Yangmeikeng seashore we received bicycles and started bike riding. And, we cannot cover up the excitement we we got there.Everyone picked up their favourite bike, directed by the store owner. We rode our bicycles on the coast with zero distance to the sea closely. Close your eyes, listened quietly, a gentle wind, crisp sound of the waves. By nightfall, 6:00-9:00 we started our BBQ dinner. Everyone know clearly what is their own work and responsible for work. Sharing the delicious while enjoying the beach at night, the moon cakes and the scenery of the beach, of course, essential. When the laughter from people's hearts fly out, eyes filled with a happy smile, that happy feeling is always very warm.

      For this event, We not only understand the power of solidarity, but also in such a way to better understand the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we also enjoy the joy of riding a bike on the seaside. This activities was hold mainly in order to enhance the festive atmosphere, fostering team spirit, meanwhile, to give every one a chance to realize the importance of unity, and understand the necessity of teamwork, which can benefit each individuals and help us overcome diffculities.